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R66 Emergency Float System with Skid Extensions

Aircraft Models R66

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Key Features

• No life limit on inflatables (On-condition floats)
• Maintenance intervals based on accumulated installed time on aircraft
• Includes laced float covers to facilitate repackaging
• Eliminates the squib pyrotechnic firing system
• Includes mechanical activation system
• Patented lightweight urethane-coated fabric
• Designed with multi air-holding chambers
• Kit includes Fwd, Aft floats, reservoir, skid extensions and installation hardware
• Corrosion resistant reservoir, stainless steel hoses, fittings & valves
• All float pressure relief valves are field replaceable
• Compatible with ground handling wheels

Key Benefits

• Complete aftermarket retrofit: operator/owner installed
• Optimized floor space with reservoir installed on baggage compartment's ceiling
• Worldwide R&O support
• Exchange program available
• Reduced maintenance cost: longer inspection intervals vs. competition
• Reduced ownership cost: no life limit on inflatables (Floats)
• Significant weight reduction vs. competition
• Best lead time
• Industry leading turn-around-time
• Spare parts availability
• Also available 606.7803 Float System Pull Cable Test Tool

Product Description

Kit is for aircraft with standard gear. Compatible with DART D066-1001-011 & -013 Bearpaws (requires DSI 9720-011). Not compatible with DART Heli-Utility-Basket. Price is for complete float system.

General Information

The DART R66 Emergency Float System is the only aftermarket retrofit option available for Robinson operators. This kit includes Fwd & Aft floats manufactured using our patented lightweight urethane-coated fabric. This kit also includes skid extensions compatible with OEM standard gear. This maintenance friendly system has longer inspection intervals and does not have to be returned to the manufacturer for recertification. For customer requiring support, DART offers worldwide R&O support and an exchange program.


OEM P/N Replacement type Compatibility Comment
C950-23 OEM Indirect Replacement DART=combo of OEM parts SKU listed above is only for L/H float only (R/H C950-24), does not consider lever, cylinder and hose assemblies.
DART Aerospace has no affiliation with the Original Equipment Manufacturer or other Manufacturers of the reference part number. Parts listed as Direct Replacement are STC’ed or PMA’ed alternates for the referenced OEM specified part number (except in the case of tooling and GSE).

Additional Information

62.57 lbs / 23.38 kg
Installation Time
40 hrs
Flight Restrictions
Max airspeed of inflation: 75 KIAS. Max airspeed with floats inflated: 75 KIAS Max towing speed: 10 KIAS


Approval Type Authority Reference Number AC Approved Description
STC ANAC - Brazil 2016S03-06 R66 Cylindrical Emergency Float System
STC DCA - Malaysia VSTC / 2016 / 019 R66 Installation of float kit
STC IAC AR - Russia FATA-STC03021 R66 Installation of Emergency Float Kits
STC TCCA - Canada Approved - bilateral agreement R66 Cylindrical Emergency Float System
STC FAA - USA SR02484LA R66 Cylindrical Emergency Float System