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Dart Aerospace

The Best Parts.
The Best People.

Manufacturing Centers of Excellence:

Designing and manufacturing parts and systems for helicopters and commercial airliners is part of DART's DNA.

Our North American Manufacturing Centers of Excellence have been designing, manufacturing, installing, testing and certifying products for years. DART has become the world’s largest rotorcraft accessories provider in just 7 years, offering the most comprehensive and diversified product portfolio in the industry.

repair centers, technical support:

Our qualified workforce of over 200 employees are committed to providing the industry with quality service while maintaining great turn-around times.

In addition to our product development and manufacturing expertise, we provide our customers with repair and overhaul capabilities for Emergency Float Equipment and Hooks. We even go beyond FAA requirements.

Customer-Oriented Product Development Team:

Partnering with customers to develop new solutions is at the heart of the DART Aerospace philosophy.

To support the constant need for new solutions that help customers accomplish demanding missions, DART also invests heavily in research and development through its team of highly qualified engineers located in Calgary, Hawkesbury, Oceanside and Eugene.




DART has set a global standard for marketing, selling and distributing outstanding helicopter accessories and components that improve rotary-wing fleet operations.

DART, along with its team of experienced Sales Executives, Customer Service Representatives, Marketing Specialists and Distributors, operates a worldwide network from many strategic locations serving more than 120 nations on 6 continents.