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AW139 High Capacity Cargo Net

Aircraft Models AW139

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Key Features

• Certified cargo securing option
• Net hangs from ceiling provisions for ease of loading
• Uses seltbelt style buckles in lieu of ratcheting straps or overcenter buckles
• Can hold 14 roller bags
• Load securing mesh
• Modular design

Key Benefits

• Certified to secure 160 lbs / 73 kg more cargo than OEM options
• 30% more cargo volume capacity compared to basic OEM net
• Only one person required to load and secure cargo
• Reduced ground handling workload

Product Description

Includes straps, mesh net, 7 replacement tie downs and ceiling hanging provisions. Modifies 1 aircraft.

General Information

The DART high capacity cargo net is a certified solution to increase the cargo capacity of the AW139 by up to 30%. Approved for loads up to 820 lbs. (373 kg) compared to 660 lbs. (300 kg) with the OEM net, and increased maximum cargo height by 7 inches or 18 cm, an additional 30%. Loading activities are easier and faster to complete with the high capacity cargo net owing to the net suspension design and strap buckle placement; designed to be loaded by 1 person from 1 cargo door. Also includes a mesh net to unitize loads consisting of multiple smaller items, preventing small articles from escaping tie down straps and becoming loose in the cargo compartment.

Additional Information

22.4 lbs / 10.2 kg
Installation Time
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31" / 79 cm
Load Capacity
820 lbs / 373 kg


Approval Type Authority Reference Number AC Approved Description
STC TCCA - Canada SH16-17 AB139 / AW139 Cargo Net Installation
STC FAA - USA SR03788NY AB139 / AW139 Installation of Cargo Net
STC ANAC - Brazil 2016S05-07 AB139 / AW139 Installation of Cargo Net
STC EASA - Europe 10061119 AB139 / AW139 Cargo net installation