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Full Emergency Litter Kit

Part Number D350-616-011
Product Description Full Emergency Litter Kit
Special Comments 1 kit completes 1 aircraft, includes litter, tie down brackets, deck plate kit & pedal stub cover. Compatible with sliding door & energy attenuating seat. Not compatible with DART Sliding Door Hinge Mod Kit. Price is per aircraft.
Aircraft Models
Weight 32.50 lbs / 14.74 kg
Installation Time 12 hrs

List Price (USD)

The Emergency Stretcher Kit is designed for quick evacuation with non dedicated EMS aircraft. 4 fast and simple steps are all that are needed to transform your aircraft for emergency evacuation:

1. Back seat is folded

2. Front seat is removed

3. Tie down brackets are inserted into the doublers using Pip Pins

4. The stretcher is inserted into the brackets using the easy slide-in locking mechanism

The changeover from utility to emergency evacuation use takes less than 5 minutes (after initial install). This system is ideal for police use, heli-skiing, and servicing remote areas. The complete kit stores in the cargo compartment, leaving the cabin floor free of brackets, so it doesn't interfere with your normal operations.

Additional deck plate and tie down kits can be purchased and installed in multiple aircraft, thereby giving you the flexibility to install the stretcher in other aircraft.

Key Benefits :
• Ideal for quick evacuation with non-dedicated EMS aircraft
• Removes/re-installs in 4 quick and easy steps & less than 5 minutes (after initial install)
• Floor provisions sit flush to the floor - no interference with normal operations
• Litter can be stored in the cargo compartment

Key Features :
• Tie downs install with pip pins to floor mounted deck plates
• Provisions kit also available separately
• Compatible with sliding door & Airbus energy attenuating seat (D350-616-011)
• Compatible with Geneva console (D350-616-011 & D350-616-013)

Additional Information:

OEM Part Number

DART Aerospace has no affiliation with the Original Equipment Manufacturer or other Manufacturers of the reference part number.
Approval STC Number AC Approved STC Description
TCCA SH96-10 AS350B/B1/B2/B3/BA/D/AS355E/F/F1/F2/N/NP Emergency Litter Kit Installation
FAA SR00405NY AS350B/B1/B2/B3/BA/C/D/D1/AS355E/F/F1/F2/N/NP Emergency Litter Kit Installation
ANAC - Brazil 2013S02-03 AS350B/B1/B2/B3/BA/AS355F/F1/F2/HB-350B Emergency Litter Kit Installation
EASA 10042994 AS355 E/F/F1/F2/N/NP Emergency Litter Kit Installation
EASA 27/96 AS350B/B1/B2/BA/C/D/D1 Emergency Litter Kit Installation
EASA 28/96 AS355E/F/F1/F2 Emergency Litter Kit Installation
EASA 168-SI0996 AS355E/F/F1/F2 Emergency Litter Kit Installation
EASA 84-SI0995 AS350B/B1/B2/B3/BA/D Emergency Litter Kit Installation
EASA 28097 AS355F/F1/F2/N Emergency Litter Kit Installation
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