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MD 500C OEM Replacement Utility Float RH - Slip-on

Aircraft Models MD369HE/MD369HM/MD369HS/MD500C

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Key Features

• Floats are removable without removing landing gear (slip-on)
• No life limit on inflatables (On-condition floats)
• Maintenance intervals based on accumulated installed time on aircraft
• Single float design
• Abrasion-resistance chafing material
• All float pressure relief valves are field replaceable
• Designed with multi air-holding chambers

Key Benefits

• Certified for take-off after water landing
• Plug-and-Play installation
• Easy to install (slip-on)
• Worldwide R&O support
• Exchange program available
• Reduced maintenance cost: longer inspection intervals vs. competition
• Best lead time
• Industry leading turn-around-time
• Reduced installation time vs. competition
• Spare parts availability

Product Description

Requires prior installation of OEM float system. Compatible on MD Skidtube 369D292114-501 and requires prior installation of DART skid extension 20411-1. Price is per float.

General Information

The DART MD 500 OEM Replacement Utility Float design allows for permanent inflation and full time buoyancy for helicopters assigned to offshore or other over water missions. Abrasion-resistance chafing material located on the underside of each float and the reinforcement of the personnel walkways are incorporated to provide additional protection.

Additional Information

57.00 lbs / 25.85 kg
Installation Time
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Approval Type Authority Reference Number AC Approved Description
STC FAA - USA SR00937LA MD369D / MD369E / MD369HE / MD369HM / MD369HS Utility Floats