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Bell Medium Bearpaws

Aircraft Models 204/205/210/212/214/412

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Key Features

• Wearplates also available
• CNC machined UHMW polymer provides consistent load transfer

Key Benefits

• No modifications to skidtube required
• High strength polymer with memory, deflects under critical point loading without failure and returns to original shape when unloaded
• Keeps tail high in soft terrain to prevent tail strikes
• Lightweight
• Easy to install
• Won't chip, crack or break
• Float compatible
• Ground handling wheel compatible
• DART Cable guard compatible
• Compatible on DART and OEM Skidtubes

Product Description

19" wide footprint. Price is per aircraft.

General Information

For as long as helicopters have been in operation, soft terrain landings have created balancing problems during takeoff and landings. DART Aerospace Bearpaws are constructed of a high density polymer, not plywood, aluminum or composite; this polymer resists cracking, chipping and breaking. The one-piece machined construction ensures consistent and deliberate load transfer. This flexible material deflects under high-point contact loads when landing on rocks or roots; its inherent memory ensures the Bearpaws return to their original shape upon take off.

OEM Cross-Reference

Alternate To OEM Part Number

DART Aerospace has no affiliation with the Original Equipment Manufacturer or other Manufacturers of the reference part number. Parts listed as Direct Replacement are STC’ed or PMA’ed alternates for the referenced OEM specified part number (except in the case of tooling and GSE).

Additional Information

23.00 lbs / 10.45 kg
Installation Time
2 hrs


Approval Type Authority Reference Number AC Approved Description
STC JCAB - Japan STC-128-1-TYO 212 / 214B / 412 / 412EP UHMW Polymer Bearpaw
STC EASA - Europe RC 1173 205A1 / 212 / 214B / 214B1 / 412 UHMW Polymer Bearpaw
STC TCCA - Canada SH96-42 204B / 205A / 205A1 / 205B / 212 / 214B / 214B1 / 412 / 412CF / 412EP UHMW Polymer Bearpaw
STC FAA - USA SR00571NY 204B / 205A / 205A1 / 205B / 210 / 212 / 214B / 214B1 / 412 / 412CF / 412EP / AB412 / AB412EP UHMW Polymer Bearpaw