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Skidtube with Run-on Landing Wearplates Fits LH or RH

Aircraft Models EC145

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Key Features

• Patented I-beam construction
• LH/RH interchangeable
• Thru-bolt wearplate installation
• Compatible with DART cable cutters kit and Bristol skid deflector kit
• Compatible with the OEM ground handling wheel assembly
• Manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum
• Installs with OEM saddles

Key Benefits

• 10 times more resistant to crushing due to I-beam construction
• Compatible with OEM crosstubes, saddles and ground handling wheels
• Reduced inventory of spares (tubes are not handed)
• Easy wearplate installation and removal for inspection/replacement
• Full length stainless steel wearplates install with thru-bolts
• Repairable/weldable
• One-stop-shop - single supplier for skidtubes and Run-on Landing Wearplates
• Run-on Landing Skidtubes are ideal for training operations

Product Description

Comes complete with 3 full length stainless steel run-on landing wearplates. Installs with OEM saddles. Predrilled for compatibility with Bristol WSPS and DART Cable Cutter Kit (requires D145-762-103 provisions kits for skidtube deflector installation). Not compatible with floats, with DART float extension or with OEM settling protectors.

General Information

We believe that conventional skidtubes are under-designed for the types of landings most helicopters encounter. Conventional skidtubes are ill-equipped to face the critical loading conditions encountered when landing on uneven ground. Under these conditions, simple round tubes tend to puncture, dent and bend because they cannot maintain their shape. DART Aerospace's revolutionary patented Round-I-Beam™ technology combines the conventional round tube with the strength of the I-beam made from 6061-T6 aluminum. In DART Aerospace skidtubes, the central I-beam web absorbs most of the impact on landing so the tube maintains its integrity. Even with the addition of a central web, the weight is comparable to that of conventional skidtubes. DART Aerospace Run-on Landing Wearplates are specifically designed for the harsh use of training and run-on landings. The run-on landing wearplates feature 3 full-length stainless steel wear bars with more areas of generously overlaid highly wear resistant tungsten carbide as compared to any other available wearplates. The run-on landing wearplates are constructed of stainless steel and feature an easy thru-bolt installation that makes installation or replacement quick and easy, eliminates clamps over the skidtube and prevents the wearplate from rotating on the skidtube. The DART Aerospace run-on landing wearplates come in 2 pieces, which are individually replaceable, and the wearplates are LH/RH interchangeable, which reduces spares inventory. Run-on landing wearplates are installed at the factory, eliminating the need to source from several vendors and the additional costs for separate shipping and on-site installation. The run-on landing wearplates are installed with a corrosion resistant compound between the skidtube and wearplate (no gaskets or sealant required).

OEM Cross-Reference

Alternate To OEM Part Number
Value added replacement for:
B321M1013101 (LH)
B321M1014101 (RH)
B321M1013966 (LH)
B321M1014966 (RH)

DART Aerospace has no affiliation with the Original Equipment Manufacturer or other Manufacturers of the reference part number. Parts listed as Direct Replacement are STC’ed or PMA’ed alternates for the referenced OEM specified part number (except in the case of tooling and GSE).

Additional Information

31.10 lbs / 14.10 kg
Installation Time
2 hrs


Approval Type Authority Reference Number AC Approved Description
STC DGCA - Mexico IA-376 / 2016 BK117A1 / BK117A3 / BK117A4 / BK117B1 / BK117B2 / BK117C1 / BK117C2(EC145) Installation of skid tubes
STC EASA - Europe 10017063, Rev. 1 BK117A1 / BK117A3 / BK117A4 / BK117B1 / BK117B2 / BK117C1 / BK117C2(EC145) D117-762 Approved OEM Replacement Skidtube
STC TCCA - Canada LoA RDIMS-4374899 BK117A1 / BK117A3 / BK117A4 / BK117B1 / BK117B2 / BK117C1 / BK117C2(EC145) D117-762 Approved OEM Replacement Skidtube
STC FAA - USA SR01853SE BK117A1 / BK117A3 / BK117A4 / BK117B1 / BK117B2 / BK117C1 / BK117C2(EC145) D117-762 Approved OEM Replacement Skidtube