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Pitot Heat Monitoring Kit

Aircraft Models 412EP/412CF/214B1/214B/205B/205A1/204B/212/412

List Price (USD)


Key Features

• Pitot heat monitor annunciates indication of pilot and/or co-pilot pitot heaters

Key Benefits

• Ensure that safety systems are functioning properly

Product Description

Satisfies JAR-OPS 3.652(d) & (m)(2) requirements. Monitors pilot and co-pilot pitot heaters. Instrument panel mounted annunciator indicates pitot heater failure. Wires, terminal blocks and pins not included due to variability between airframes; consult wiring diagram for necessary hardware. Price is per aircraft.

General Information

The DART Pitot Heat Monitor Kit provides heat monitoring and annunciation for the pilot and co-pilot pitot heaters. The pitot heat annunciator illuminates when the pitot heater is not producing heat to alert the flight crew to this condition. The Pitot Heat Monitor Kit satisfies the requirements of JAP-OPS 3.652 (d) & (m) (2).

OEM Cross-Reference

Alternate To OEM Part Number

DART Aerospace has no affiliation with the Original Equipment Manufacturer or other Manufacturers of the reference part number. Parts listed as Direct Replacement are STC’ed or PMA’ed alternates for the referenced OEM specified part number (except in the case of tooling and GSE).

Additional Information

0.79 lb / 0.36 kg
Installation Time
15 hrs


Approval Type Authority Reference Number AC Approved Description
STC EASA - Europe 10032253 204B / 205A1 / 212 / 214B / 214B1 / 412 / 412EP Safety Enhancement Kits
STC TCCA - Canada SH09-37 204B / 205A1 / 205B / 212 / 214B / 214B1 / 412 / 412CF / 412EP Safety Enhancement Kits
STC FAA - USA SR02766NY 204B / 205A1 / 205B / 212 / 214B / 214B1 / 412 / 412CF / 412EP Safety Enhancement Kits