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Plasma® Long Line 7,300 lbs Safe Work Load (3,300 kg)

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Key Features

• Laser engraved with the P/N, S/N and date of manufacture
• ID tagged
• Spliced and pull tested to 3 times the working load limit (WLL)
• In line with a number of industry and military standards (see additional information section below)
• Customization available for rope length, wiring, connectors or additional accessories such as pear links or bucket applications
• An additional 5 ft. at each end is provided – for a total of 10 additional feet per long line

Key Benefits

• Patented manufacturing process
• 8 x lighter and 20% stronger than wire rope
• Does not kink
• Maximum elongation of 4% - 5% (stretch)
• Chemical resistant to fuel, hydraulic oil, etc.
• Highest strength, lowest stretch
• “Fully dressed” and flight ready
• 7:1 Safety Factor

Product Description

5/8" Rope Diameter, 50ft / 15m.

General Information

Kit comes complete with: Plasma® rope, orange velcro jacket with end covers manufactured from durable fabric with commercial grade hook and loop fastener, blue line thimble with epoxy coating at each end. 14 gauge 3 wire electrical wire with 3 prong connectors installed, a carry bag, a Component Release Certificate and a manual that includes inspection/maintenance recommendations.

Additional Information

23.00 lbs /10.43 kg
Installation Time
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Product Specifications
• U.S. Dept. of Interior ARA Synthetic long line requirements;
• CARS and FARS regulations for Class B and C external load operations;
• Cordage Institute; for specific long lines only
• Complies with AWR 1054-Airworthiness Release for UH-60A/L and HH-60A/L helicopters equipped with SEI Industries Bambi Bucket . 5/8” x 80ft. long lines only and AWR 1670- Airworthiness Release for UH-/HH-60M helicopters equipped with SEI Industries Bambi Bucket. 5/8” x 80ft long lines only