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Since 1975, DART Aerospace has developed a wide portfolio of high-quality products, designed to serve your needs comprehensively across all major OEM platforms.

Our range of activities may be broad, but our focus remains the same across all our operations: that of continuing to live up to our reputation for providing fast development turnaround times, legendary responsiveness, and the depth of product knowledge that results from our close ties with key operators.

With its extensive list of proprietary technologies and engineered solutions, DART Aerospace’s offering is both unique and designed to respond to your helicopter needs like no other provider.


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DSI 9363-011 Shim Kit
DSI 9052-011 AS350/AS355 Basket Quick Release Pip Pins
DSI 9246-013 206A/B Basket Quick Release Pip Pins
DSI 9052-013 AS350/AS355 Basket/Pod Quick Release Pip Pins
DSI 9279-011 Strobe Light Power Supply Relocation
D4784-011 Basket Assembly, Heavy Duty Lid, LH/RH
D4272-012 Basket Assembly, Heavy Duty Lid, RH
D3153-16 Panel
D3153-12 Panels
D3153-15 Panel
D4272-011 Basket Assembly, Heavy Duty Lid, LH
D3153-11 Panels
D3153-14 Hinge Door Panels
D3153-13 Hinge Door Panels
D4272-013 Basket Assembly, Light Weight Lid, LH
D4272-014 Basket Assembly, Light Weight Lid, RH
D2512 Basket Lid
D3265-041 Basket Base Assembly
D2989-041 Basket Lid
D3110-5 Handle Assembly
D2221 Basket Base Assembly
D3177-043 Bracket
DSI 9505-011 Basket Conversion Installation, LH
DSI 9505-012 Basket Conversion Installation, RH
D3177-041 Bracket
D3914-041 Long Basket Lid Assembly (350)
D2523 Mounting Bracket
D2989-043 Basket Lid aft
D3183-3 Bracket
D3183-041 Bracket Assembly
DSI 9268-011 Bell Medium Basket Volume Increase Modification
D3230-041 Basket Wedge Assembly
D3118-1 Sign Assembly
D3121-043 Bracket Assembly
D4018-041 AS350 Short Basket Lid Assembly
D3118-3 Sign Assembly
D2249-041 Fitting Assembly
D5203-041 Strut Assembly
D3137-7 Bracket
D3187-2 Floor Panel
D3183-042 Bracket Assembly
D4271-013 Beam Assembly, AFT
D4148-041 Fwd Crosstube Lug Assembly
DSI 9738-011 Aft Fairing Modification
D4294-1 Fitting
D3121-044 Bracket Assembly
D4271-011 Beam Assembly, FWD
DSI 9737-011 Webbing Replacement, Long Basket
D4029-041 Webbing (Long Basket)
D3320-043 Webbing