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Since 1975, DART Aerospace has developed a wide portfolio of high-quality products, designed to serve your needs comprehensively across all major OEM platforms.

Our range of activities may be broad, but our focus remains the same across all our operations: that of continuing to live up to our reputation for providing fast development turnaround times, legendary responsiveness, and the depth of product knowledge that results from our close ties with key operators.

With its extensive list of proprietary technologies and engineered solutions, DART Aerospace’s offering is both unique and designed to respond to your helicopter needs like no other provider.


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D4269-7 Angle
D5094-041 Post Bracket Assembly
D4541-2 Bracket
D4269-5 Angle
D3295-041 Replacement Interior Window for -111
D3779-041 Handle Assembly (Exterior)
D4541-3 Bracket
D4436-041 Aft Bracket Assembly
D4543-5 Retainer, Outer, LH
D4543-4 Retainer, Outer, RH
M83536/9-024M Relay
D4544-1 Retainer, Center
D4541-6 Bracket, RH
D4541-5 Bracket, LH
D3779-043 Handle Assembly (Interior)
D3790-1 Indexing Block
D3704-3 Escutcheon
D3709-1 Angle
D2153 Door Prop
D3313-1 Mounting Bracket
D4324-041 Armrest Assembly
D4543-2 Retainer, RH - Outer Lower
D4543-1 Retainer, LH - Outer Lower
D4269-1 Angle
D3552-11 Door Prop
D4541-4 Bracket, RH
D2956 Window Frame
D3200-1 Door Post Block
D4165-3 Inner Door Panel
D4594-1 Plate
D3552-29 Door Prop
D3552-23 Door Prop
D4541-7 Bracket
D412-761-141 Vent Provisions - Vertical Reference
D3561-1 Seal Insert Tool
D4269-3 Angle
D4541-8 Bracket
D4542-1 Retainer, Inner, LH
D4435-045 T/R Bellcrank Cover Assembly
D4165-11 Door Cover Panel
D2858-1 Hinge Bracket
D4542-7 Retainer, Inner
D2144 Hinge Doubler
D3202-1 Cover
D5080-041 Striker Plate Assembly
D4543-6 Retainer, Outer, RH
D2858-2 Hinge Bracket
D3137-3 Guide
D4327-1 Angle
D5093-041 Door Bracket Assembly