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Bell Medium Main Rotor Tie Down - Fixed Provisions

Aircraft Models 205/212

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Key Features

• Purpose built fitting permanently installed on tailboom
• Interfaces with custom tie-down strap designed specifically for bell medium

Key Benefits

• Reduced risk of damage to rotors, mast and surrounding equipment when parked outdoors
• Prevents tailboom paint and airframe damages
• Tie-down installation and removal can be accomplished by one person in minutes (no tools, no knots

Product Description

Only applicable to Bell 205 & 212 models. To be used with D5344-041 tie down assembly. One kit modifies one aircraft.

General Information

Parking 2-bladed Bell Medium aircraft outside represents a risk of damage to blades, rotor mast and surrounding equipment in the event that wind, rotorwash or jetwash causes the blades to rotate or teeter into contact. Typical rotor tie down options can be very difficult to install without steps or ladders and must be tied to aircraft components (like crosstubes, skids or tailbooms). The DART main rotor tie down offers a custom solution to 205 & 212 operators including the tie down strap which can be attached by a mechanic with both feet on the ground without tools and a lightweight, permanently installed bracket on the tailboom. The tie-down is easily secured the bracket with a carabiner (no knots required).

Additional Information

Installation Time
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Approval Type Authority Reference Number AC Approved Description
STC EASA - Europe 10059025 205A1 / 212 Main Rotor Tie Down installation
STC FAA - USA SR03752NY 205A / 205A1 / 205B / 212 Main Rotor Tie Down
STC TCCA - Canada SH16-24 205 / 205A / 205A1 / 205B / 212 Main Rotor Tie Down