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Seal Installation Kit C-30 (10 Tools)

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Rolls-Royce. Kit includes: Qty. 1 - RB6893504 Pusher Seal Installation Seal Support, Qty. 1 - RB6893505 Pusher Seal, Qty. 1 - RB6893506 Seal Install Tachometer Pusher, Qty. 1 - RB6893507 Seal Install Power Turbine Pusher, Qty. 1 - RB6893508 Seal Install Fuel Pusher, Qty. 1 - RB6893509 Seal Install Starter Generator Support Pusher, Qty. 1 - RB6893728 Pusher-Seal Installation Front Spare Pad, Qty. 1 - RB6796941-12 Adapter, Qty. 1 - RB6796941-14 Guide, Qty. 1 - RB6796941-15 Guide


OEM P/N Replacement type Compatibility Comment
6793504 OEM Replacement
DART Aerospace has no affiliation with the Original Equipment Manufacturer or other Manufacturers of the reference part number. Parts listed as Direct Replacement are STC’ed or PMA’ed alternates for the referenced OEM specified part number (except in the case of tooling and GSE).

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