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Ground Handling Wheels Fits LH or RH (Hydraulic)

Aircraft Models UH-1/AH-1/412/230/222/214/212/205/204

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Key Benefits

• Increased ground clearance - almost 2 extra inches of height
• Eliminates damage to ground handling wheels from over-jacking the hydraulic cylinder
• No pip-pin & lanyard to lose, new spring-loaded pin with large mitten-friendly head makes attaching to the lugs easier
• Heavier duty lifting points reduce damage
• Innovative handle design makes maneuvering easier with fast one handed handle attachment (no more screwing handle into ground handling wheels)

Product Description

Supports one side of the helicopter only. To support the entire aircraft RBD412-729-011 is required.

General Information

As in the past, we have listened to our customers in designing ground handling solutions that will reduce wear on your gear and your nerves - no more frustration.

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