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Through more than 30 years of experience in tool and ground support equipment (GSE) development and manufacturing, DART Aerospace’s tool division has the largest helicopter maintenance tool offering in North America with more than 3,500 tools for most major rotorcraft OEM’s.

Our team of specialists stepped up with solutions to simplify the maintenance process, save time and effort and reduce downtime. DART’s specialties include Air Frame and GSE.

For any helicopter tool need, DART Aerospace is the only place to turn to for a complete solution.


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RBW6205G11532-3G Swashplate Support Stand
RBW6005G00131-3G Multi-Purpose Trolley
RBW6205G09132-3G Trolley Adapter, Swashplate Support
RBW2905G00132-3G PCM Adapters Kit, Hydraulic System Test Bench
RBW6205G09031-3G Main Rotor Head Support - Trolley Adapter
Agusta Helicopter Servicing Kit RBW1205G00132-3G Agusta Helicopter Servicing Kit
Main Rotor Lever Tension Link Tool RBW6205G12131-3G Main Rotor Lever Tension Link Tool
RBW6505G00831-3G Tail Rotor Gear Box Support Trolley Adapter
RBW6205G11751-3G Guide
RBW6305G00431-3G Hoisting Flange Main Gear Box
RBWAAB0026 Main Rotor & Tail Rotor Servoactuator Torque Socket
Main Gear Box Oil Draining Hose RBW1205G00332-3G Main Gear Box Oil Draining Hose
RBW2905G00332-3G Adapter Assembly, Pcm Pressure Line
RBW2905G00232-3G Adapter Assembly, Pcm Return Line
Dial Indicator Swash Plate Scissors Support RBW6005G01631-3G Dial Indicator Swash Plate Scissors Support
RBW6305G02831-3G Tool Kit, Main Gear Box Upper Fitting Replacement
Main Rotor Damper Oil Filling Adapter RBW1205G00231-3G Main Rotor Damper Oil Filling Adapter
RBW6205G06131-3G Main Rotor Pitch Control Lever Expander
RBW5605G00132-3G Tool Kit, Windows Installation
RBW109-3501-08-115 Adapter, Landing Gear Shockstruts Nitrogen Change
RBWST13045 Nitrogen Tire Inflator
Main Rotor Damper End Wrench RBW6205G05951-3G Main Rotor Damper End Wrench
IGB & Tail Rotor Gear Box Oil Draining Hose RBW7839-2G IGB & Tail Rotor Gear Box Oil Draining Hose
RBWA353A04 Pmc Oil Filling Quick Disconnect
RBW6305G26631-3G Main Gear Box Alignment Pins
RBW6705G02031-3G Rigging Pin Assembly N1
RBW6705G02831-3G Warning Flag
RBW6705G02331-3G Rigging Pin Assembly N4
RBWSTI3327 Tool Kit, Special Wrenches
RBW6305G25831-3G Rubber Stop Adjustment Tool
RBW2620V00251-3G AW139 Fire Bottle Check Valve Test Tool
RBWSTI3326 Socket
RBW6705G03031-3G Main Rotor Actuator Black Simulator
RBW109-3101-58-1 Hammer, Steel, Blade Corrosion and Voids Detection
RBW109-3101-58-2 Hammer, Aluminum, Blade Corrosion and Voids Detection
RBW6705G02431-3G Main Rotor Actuator Lever Rigging Fork
RBWAFS482B Wheel Brake Wrench
RBW6705G02531-3G Main Rotor Actuator Stroke Gag Contact Sales
RBT18424 Axle Jacking Adapter Kit Contact Sales
RBW7110G00131-8G Sling, Rear Sliding Cowling Lifting Tool Contact Sales
RBW6205G11331-3G Tool Swashplate Friction Checking Contact Sales
RBW6210G00331-8G MR blade trim tab bending kit
RBW6521G00131-8G IGB seals replacement kit
RBW6430G03331-8G TR duplex bearing removal/installation tool
RBW6220G01931-8G MR lag damper bolts removal tool
RBW6320G11431-8G MGB flange/gimbal replacement kit
RBW6230G02631-8G MR scissor bushing replacement kit
RBW6230G04031-8G M/R scissor flanged tool
RBW6210G00231-8G MR blade retention bolt removal/installation tool
RBW6320G14431-8G TR drive quill ring nut removal/installation tool kit