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Through more than 30 years of experience in tool and ground support equipment (GSE) development and manufacturing, DART Aerospace’s tool division has the largest helicopter maintenance tool offering in North America with more than 3,500 tools for most major rotorcraft OEM’s.

Our team of specialists stepped up with solutions to simplify the maintenance process, save time and effort and reduce downtime. DART’s specialties include Air Frame and GSE.

For any helicopter tool need, DART Aerospace is the only place to turn to for a complete solution.


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RBW0905G00134-3G-01 Tow Dolly Tongue Assembly
Safety Joint Assembly RBW0905G12631-3G Safety Joint Assembly
RBW109-3600-35-101-45 Left Rear Motor Mount Assembly
RBW109-3600-35-101-43 Right Rear Motor Mount Assembly
RBW109-3600-35-101-37 Front Mount Weldment
RBW0905G00134-3G-01-014 Guide Weldment
RBW6205G14831-3G Lower Leg Assembly
RBW0905G00134-3G-01-021 Spring Front Stop
RBW0905G10331-3G-139 Cable Assembly
RBW0905G00134-3G-01-023 Front Collar
Bell Medium Main Rotor Tie Down - Tie Down Assembly D5344-041 Bell Medium Main Rotor Tie Down - Tie Down Assembly
RB T101808-103 Pivot Assembly
RBW6205G15151-3G Upper Leg Assembly
RBW0905G00134-3G-03-095 Tie Rod Pivot
RBT18700-17 Bolt
RBW0905G00134-3G-01-25 Spring
RBW5305G00232-3G-205 6 in. Swivel Caster w/brake
RBW5305G00232-3G-207 6 in. Fixed Caster w/brake
RBW0905G00134-3G-03-157 Threaded Rod
RBT18700-15 Handle
RBW0905G12631-3G-01 Pivot Lock Bolt
RBW0905G00134-3G-01-011 Slide Pin
RB T101808-151 Ball Lock Pin
RBW0905G12351-3G Pivot Shear Bolt
RBW0905G01652-3G Tongue Shear Bolt
RBW0905G10331-3G-121 Caster Wheel
RBW0905G12631-3G-14 Bushing
RBW0905G12631-3G-17 Bushing
RBT18700-27 Handle Ends
RBT18700-11 Engine Stand, Brake
RBW0905G12631-3G-29 Pivot Lock Bolt Nut
RBW6205G14331-3G Socket Contact Sales
RBW6205G14032-3G Tilting Stand Assembly Contact Sales
RBW6205G15051-3G Connector Pin Contact Sales
RBW0905G00134-3G-03-099 Frame Weldment Contact Sales
RBW6205G14651-3G Arm Contact Sales
RBW6205G14251-3G Hinge Block Contact Sales
RBW6205G21551-3G Pad, Right Contact Sales
RBW6205G10051-3G Pin Contact Sales
RBW6205G14931-3G Lower Leg Contact Sales
RBW6205G14031-3G Tilting Stand Assembly Contact Sales
HT-500-010P Control Box Assembly
D4131-041 Manifold Assembly
D4121-5 Hose Assembly
D3046-041 Lug Bracket
D4121-3 Hose Assembly
D412-786-025 Tailboom Mount
D4121-1 Hose Assembly
RBD3233-041 Wheel Assembly
D5143-1 Lug