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Tools & GSE

Through more than 30 years of experience in tool and ground support equipment (GSE) development and manufacturing, DART Aerospace’s tool division has the largest helicopter maintenance tool offering in North America with more than 3,500 tools for most major rotorcraft OEM’s.

Our team of specialists stepped up with solutions to simplify the maintenance process, save time and effort and reduce downtime. DART’s specialties include Air Frame and GSE.

For any helicopter tool need, DART Aerospace is the only place to turn to for a complete solution.


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412 Field Maintenance Kit RBT18025 412 Field Maintenance Kit
RBW6305G05833-3G Tool Kit, Tail Rotor Drive Quill Ring Nut Remove Install
RBW6705G00132-3G AW139 Main Rotor & Tail Rotor Rigging Pin Kit
RBW6705G00632-3G Flapping Locking Tool, Tail Rotor
RBW6705G00531-3G Clinometer Support Tool Tail Rotor
AW139 Tool Kit, Mast Vibration Absorber Remove/Install RBW1805G01431-3G AW139 Tool Kit, Mast Vibration Absorber Remove/Install
RBW0705G00455-DX-3G Aft R/H Landing Gear Block
RBW0705G00454-SX-3G Aft L/H Landing Gear Block
RBW1805G01631-3G Mast Vibration Absorber Installation Tool
RBWAAB0026 Main Rotor & Tail Rotor Servoactuator Torque Socket
RBW6305G01132-3G Tool Kit, Main Gear Box Oil Pump Disassembly/Assembly
RBW6522A00231W142AG-3T Support Tool
RBW1805G01731-3G Mast Vibration Absorber Removal Tool
Float System Pull Cable Test Tool 606.7803 Float System Pull Cable Test Tool
RBW6522A00231W142AF-3T Wrench
RBW6305G02831-3G Tool Kit, Main Gear Box Upper Fitting Replacement
RBW6205G06131-3G Main Rotor Pitch Control Lever Expander
RBW7505G00132-3G Pressure Test, EAPS Hose, Size 10
RBW6522A00231W142WW-3T Nut Torque Tool
RBW6522A00231W142Y-3T Tail Rotor Gear Box Input Pinion Wrench
RBW5605G00132-3G Tool Kit, Windows Installation
RBW1805G01531-3G Mast Vibration Absorber Lifting Tool
RBW6521A00138W142G-3T Input Oil Seal Removal Press Tool, Igb Input
RBW6305G26631-3G Main Gear Box Alignment Pins
RBW6522A00231W142G-3T Press Tool
RBW6705G02732-3G Tail Rotor Actuator Stroke Gag
RBW5605G00551-3G Tool, Filler Installation
RBW6521A00138W142K-3T Press Tool
RBW6205G26631-3G Wrench, MR Scissor Retaining Nut Removal/Install
RBW6521A00138W142J-3T Support
RBW7105G01151-3G Blank, Engine Starter Generator Att. Flange
RBW6705G02532-3G Main Rotor Actuator Stroke Gag
RB PWC71026 Puller / Pusher Adapter Contact Sales
RB PWC51165 Holding Base Contact Sales
RB PWC71024 Pusher Contact Sales
RBW0805G00332-3G-A Jacking Bracket, Helicopter Weighing Contact Sales
RBW0000X00131A181A-3G Aft Shipping Bracket Contact Sales
RBW6305G01431-3G Tool, Main Gear Box Oil Pump Lockwasher Removal Contact Sales
RB PWC70937 Socket Contact Sales
RB PWC71030 Puller Adapter Contact Sales
RBW005G05951-3G Main Rotor Damper Rod End R&R Tool Contact Sales
RBW6305G01052-3G Wrench, Main Gear Box Oil Pump Ring Nut Removal/Install Contact Sales
RBW6305G11051-3G Pin, Main Gear Box Upper Fitting Installation Contact Sales
RB PWC51947 Base Contact Sales
RB PWC71028 Splitter Contact Sales
RBW0705G00453-3G Forward Landing Gear Block Contact Sales
RB PWC70822 Puller Adapter Contact Sales
RBW6305G31231-3G Tool, AGB ECS Drive Gear Ring Nut Contact Sales
RB PWC30425 Crimping Tool, Terminal Contact Sales
RB PWC70938 Puller Contact Sales