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Through more than 30 years of experience in tool and ground support equipment (GSE) development and manufacturing, DART Aerospace’s tool division has the largest helicopter maintenance tool offering in North America with more than 3,500 tools for most major rotorcraft OEM’s.

Our team of specialists stepped up with solutions to simplify the maintenance process, save time and effort and reduce downtime. DART’s specialties include Air Frame and GSE.

For any helicopter tool need, DART Aerospace is the only place to turn to for a complete solution.


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RBE117-12010W73 Retainer Plate
RBE117-12010W62D Mast Replacement Kit
RB T100965 Power Wrench Kit
RBE117-12010W63 Pusher
RBE117-12010W66 Guard
RBE117-12010W28 Mount
RBEL135M-2905-101M Hydraulic Pump Drive Tools (2 units)
RBE117-12010W68 Pusher
RBW109-3900-81-107 Engine To Transmission Drive Shaft Tool Kit
RBE105-14101W1 Puller
RBE105-14101W2 Outer Needle Bearings Extractor
RBE117-12010W69 Pusher
RBE117-12020W14 Mounting Ring Input Main Gear Box
RBW109-3401-64-107 Engine To Transmission Drive Shaft Install/Removal Tool
RBEL135M-2905-101 Hydraulic Pump Drive Tool (1 unit)
RBE117-12010W70 Support
RBE1X53-183-111 Removal Tool (6pcs)
RB T101973 Main Transmission Pusher Set
T-8813150000 Tripod Gas Generator Support
RBE117-30001W3 Hoisting Sling
RB PWC42194 Puller
RBE117W3 Main RotorHead Removal/Installation Hoist
RBE105-14101W13 Mounting Device
RBE105-14101W18 Pressing-In Tool
RBW109-3401-63-115 Drive Shaft Freewheel Flanges, Distance Checking
RBE105-13101W3 Disassembly/Assembly – Rotating Control Rod
RBE332A93-3209-00 Seal Holder Extractor Tool
RBE105-31702W23 Measuring Device
RBE117-43001W3 Adjusting Device
RB T103003 Adapter, Main Trans Input Pinion Bearing Removal
RBE105-14181W4 Needle Bearings Extractor
RBT400368 Tail Rotor Gearbox Drain Tool with JIC Fitting
RB T103138-101 Internal Spline Wrench Assembly, Driveshaft Assembly
RB T103007 Wrench, Splined Collector Pinion Nut
RBT400336 Puller Set
RBE105-317371W1 Tail Rotor Extractor
RBE105-14101W12 Mounting Device
RB PWC30810 Puller / Pusher
RBE105-31702W14 Extractor
RB T103177-101 3 Jaw Puller Assembly, Planetary Bearing
RB PWC51529 Puller
RBE105-14181W1 Needle Bearings Assembly Fixture
RBE105-42121W6 Staking Tool
T-8810120036 Extension Handle
RBE105-317371W3 Tail Rotor Installation Tool
RB T101233 Power Cylinders Valve Centering Pin
RBE117-68021W5 Mount
RBE117-68021W13 Extractor
RBE105-42121W7 Mounting Tool
RBE1X56-131-404 Socket Wrench