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206L Shoulder Harnesses (AAI prov.) – Crew

Aircraft Models : 206L/206L1/206L3/206L4

Pre-requisite : Seats provisioned with AAI STC SH2073SO or SH2751SO.

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keyboard_arrow_right Key Features
  • Includes 1x LH and 1x RH Crew Harnesses
  • Requires pre-installation of AAI conversion kit provisions
  • Uses existing aircraft attachment points
  • Inertia reel centered behind the occupant
  • Y-shape Harness webbing junction
  • Modern rotary buckle style, lightweight hardware and black webbing
  • Shoulder harness attached to lap belt buckle parts, but can be separated for replacement
  • Plastic sleeves keep the buckle and belt both remain in the aircraft
  • TSO label protected by a plastic pouch
  • Meets TSO-C114 requirements
keyboard_arrow_right Key Benefits
  • Easy to install - no modification required
  • Lightweight - reels faster and prevents contact with fuselage when flung
  • Prevents damage to the aircraft fuselage
  • Prevents the lap belt from hanging outside the aircraft in flight
  • Better buckling and unbuckling
  • Y-shape webbing junction offers additional comfort and reduces friction against the neck
  • Protected TSO label offers product longevity
keyboard_arrow_right OEM Cross-Reference
OEM Replacement / 206-913-182
OEM Replacement / 206-911-177
OEM Replacement / 206-913-181
OEM Replacement / 206-911-178
OEM Replacement / 206-911-165
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These new DART Shoulder Harnesses use the latest technology from SCHROTH and offer value-added replacement restraint systems featuring modern rotary-style buckle, lightweight hardware and a strong inertia reel to prevent costly damages to aircraft fuselage. This kit installs on seats provisioned with AAI STC SH2073SO or SH2751SO. Kit includes: 1x D5740-041 (LH), 1x D5740-042 (RH) Harnesses and associated hardware.
Approval type Authority Reference number Aircraft approved Description
STC TCCA - Canada SH20-18 206L/206L1/206L3/206L4/407 Installation of shoulder harness
STC FAA - USA SR04515NY 206L/206L1/206L3/206L4/407 Installation of the Shoulder Harness Kits
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