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210 Tri-Bag Float System with Integrated Liferafts

Aircraft Models : 210

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keyboard_arrow_right Key Features
  • Exchange program available
  • Available with integrated liferaft (10-man)
  • Requires installation of D412-630-033/-034 Steps
  • Hoist compatible configuration available
  • Installs on high gear
keyboard_arrow_right Key Benefits
  • Lighter than OEM
  • Includes two (2) 10-man integrated liferaft
  • No life limit on inflatables (Floats & Liferafts)
  • Best in the industry lead time
  • Increased safety with electrical/mechanical & water sensor activation system
  • Reduced maintenance cost (longer maintenance intervals)
  • Tri-Bag technology allows for: - Significant weight reduction (smaller reservoir & less gas usage) - Increased stability
  • Can install on DART, OEM & AAI float compatible skidtubes
  • Liferafts will be compliant with EASA OPS requirements
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The 210 Emergency Float Kits consist of: 6 emergency floats attached to the skid gear, 4 water-activated float switches that are mounted on the underside of the fuselage, a float inflation reservoir located in the nose compartment, a collective-mounted floats switch, a center console-mounted handle lever, and the necessary hardware to complete kit installation. The Emergency Float Kit with Liferafts also contains two 10-man reversible liferafts which are attached to the Mid floats and have their own mechanical inflation system consisting of: 1 liferaft inflation reservoir and 3 inflation handles, 2 attached externally to the passenger steps and 1 attached to the center console on the co-pilot side. *Kit includes Fwd, Mid & Aft Tri-Bag floats with integrated liferaft in the Mid floats. Requires installation of D412-630-033/-034 Steps. Price is for complete float with liferaft system.
Approval type Authority Reference number Aircraft approved Description
STC EASA - Europe EASA.IM.R.S.01107 212/412/412CF/412EP/AB412/AB412EP Tri-Bag Float System
STC TCCA - Canada Ltr 5009-02 210/212/412/412CF/412EP/AB412/AB412EP Tri-Bag Float System
STC FAA - USA SR01779LA 210/212/412/412CF/412EP/AB412/AB412EP Tri-Bag Float System
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