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AS350/355 Field Maintenance Kit

Aircraft Models : AS350/AS355

Warning : This kit comes with calibrated parts. If required, certificates of calibration must be obtained locally. Some tools may not be applicable to the H125.

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keyboard_arrow_right Key Features
  • Includes over 30 essential tools
  • 2 Layers of tools stacked in one case
  • Includes foam liner providing encapsulation of all tools
  • Packaged in a sturdy Pelican travel case
  • Travel case comes with wheels and transport handle
keyboard_arrow_right Key Benefits
  • Ideal for off-site aircraft maintenance
  • Secure all your tools in proper order, in one convenient case
  • Safe tools transportation
  • Amazing value
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The AS350/AS355 Field Maintenance Tool Kit comes in a flyaway case and includes over 30 tools, which is every tool you will need to perform field maintenance on an Astar aircraft. Tools come packaged in a sturdy Pelican case with foam liner that provides encapsulation of all tools to ensure proper order of tools and safe transport. Kit weight with case is 55 lbs. Kit Includes: RBE350A93-3200-20 Main Gearbox/Rotor Brake Retaining Nut Wrench, RBE350A93-3205-00E Engine Gear Box Input Flange Holding Wrench, RBE350A93-3205-00T Tail Rotor Gear Box Input Flange Holding Wrench, RBE350A93-3300-20 Tail Rotor Hub Socket, RBE350A93-3302-02 Tail Rotor Head Lock Wrench, RBE350A93-3303-02 Tail Rotor Head Body Extractor Tool, RBE350A93-3305-20 Tail Gear Box Wrench, RBE350A93-3307-00 Tail Gear Box Seal Extractor, RBE350A93-3312-03 Tail Rotor Hub Bushing Replacement Tool, RBE350A93-3316-20 Rotating Star Replacement Wrench, RBE350A93-3317-20 Tail Rotor Hub Insert Tool, RBE350A93-3400-00 Drive Shaft Thimble, RBE350A93-3500-00 Bearing Extractor, RBE350A93-3501-20 Extraction Tool, Hydraulic Pump Pulley Bearing, RBE350A94-2704-00 Pedals Locking Tool, RBE350A94-2706-00 Rigging Pin Set, RBE350A94-2708-01 Tail Rotor Blade Locking Tool, RBE350A94-3301-00 Tail Rotor Accel Suppor, RBE350A94-3700-A Swashplate Immobilizing Tools Long Brace, RBE350A94-3700-C Swashplate Immobilizing Tools Adjustment Brace, RBE350A94-3701-00, M/R Rigging Tool RBE350A94-5201-20 Fuel Filter By Pass Plug, RBE-350CORD Bunjee Cords, RBE-350DAMPER Damper Spanner Wrench, RBE-350HYD Hydraulic Accumulator Fitting/Gauge (requires calibration), RBE-350INCLINOMETER (requires calibration), RBE-350TEMP Temperature Probe (requires calibration), RBE-350TRDS Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Bearing Run Out Gauge (requires calibration), RBE703A94-1130-01 Main Rotor Blade Trim Tab Tools, RBE703A95-0505-00 Tail Rotor Gear Box Drain Tube, RBE703A95-0508-00 Main Gear Box Drain Tube, RBE703A95-0520-01 Engine And Hydraulic Drain Tube, RBEA62310 AS350/355 Engine Strut, RBE-RDGS-15 50 lb. Linear Scale (requires calibration) *This kit contains 34 tools for routine maintenance of the airframe and engine. Contains tools for single or dual hydraulic.
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