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AW109/119 Blade Fold Kit

Aircraft Models : AW109/AW119

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keyboard_arrow_right Key Features
  • Kit includes fixed and removable provisions
  • Bolt extraction tools sold separately
  • STC certified fixed provisions for AW109 & AW119 helicopters (see picture for p/n)
  • Fixed provisions flushed with fuselage
keyboard_arrow_right Key Benefits
  • Easy to use
  • Space saver - fit more aircraft into same space
  • Don't require larger hanger doors
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Paravion® Technology has expanded its series of Blade Folding Kits to accommodate the Leonardo AW109 and AW119 series aircraft. This unique design makes it convenient for storing aircraft with more than two M/R blades in the same space as that used by aircraft with two M/R blades. Paravion, in coordination with the aircraft manufacturer, has put together a kit that includes all tools needed to remove the pins and effectively fold this 4 blade system into a configuration of two blades FWD and two blades AFT. The STC approved mounting provisions for the blade folding supports are flush with the aircraft skin and are designed to be almost unnoticeable. All equipment is quick connect/disconnect design and folds for easy storage. The procedure of folding and unfolding the blades can be accomplished by two persons in under 15 minutes. To know: This kit is applicable for the Leonardo A109A, A109AII, A109C, A109Cmax, A109K2, A109E, A109S, A109SP, A119, and A119MKII models.
Approval type Authority Reference number Aircraft approved Description
STC FAA - USA SR00677DE AW109/AW119 Installation of Blade Fold Provisions
STC EASA - Europe IM.R.S.01533 AW109/AW109A/AW109C/AW109E/AW109K2/AW109S/AW119/AW119MKII Installation of Blade Fold Kit
STC CAAC - China VSTC0345 AW109/AW119 Installation of Blade Fold Kit
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