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AW139 Cable Cutter System, Removable Provisions - Short

Aircraft Models : AB139/AW139

Pre-requisite : Must be purchased in conjunction with DART fixed provisions 647.8904. For aircraft equipped with Leonardo and DART fixed provisions. For reference, Leonardo Provision P/N: 4G9540A00212 Lower Provisions & 4G9540A00112 Upper Provisions (consists of 3G9540A00351, 3G9540A00451, 3G9540A01351, 3G9540A01251, 3G9540A00551, 3G9540A00651, 3G9540A00931 & 3G9540A00831)

Warning : Kit contains parts with limited shelf life, will ship with a minimum life of 3 months

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keyboard_arrow_right Key Features
  • Includes upper, lower & wiper deflectors
keyboard_arrow_right Key Benefits
  • Industrial cutting blades with combined tensile strength of 32,100 lbs
  • Effective for wire strikes with multiple wires
  • Lowest acquisition cost
  • Shortest lead time
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The Cable Cutters system provides a means of protecting the helicopter during a wire strike by providing the capability to cut a cable or wire before catastrophic damage occurs. The kit is designed to reduce the possibility of a cable or wire entering the cockpit and to reduce the chance of flight control damage. Similar cable/wire cutting devices have proven to be effective even during multiple wire strikes. The kit incorporates both an upper and lower cutter and each cutter is designed with high strength cutting blades. The Cable Cutter system design was tested to verify the capability to cut multiple cables with a combined tensile strength of 32,100 lbs. The AW139 kit also contains machined deflectors for the wiper posts and is available in 2 configurations, 1 with a short lower deflector, and 1 with a longer lower deflector that covers more frontal area against a cable strike. An optional GPS Antenna Mount Kit is also available, which allows the antenna to be placed on the upper cutter deflector for ideal positioning of the antenna. *Includes shorter lower cutter assembly deflector. For aircraft with Leonardo and DART fixed provisions.
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