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Bell 206L Field Maintenance Kit

Aircraft Models : 206L

Warning : Part is not calibrated. Additional fees apply for calibration. Contact Sales for calibration quote.

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Bell 206L Field Maintenance Kit Consists of: RBPA003 Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Bearing Lube Tool , RBE-RDGS-15 Scale Tester (requires calibration), RBBP1425-101 K-Flex Drive Shaft Tool, RBT112800 PTO Seal Installation Tool, RBT18551 Swashplate Shim Bolts, RBT18560 Engine Gearbox PTO Seal Puller, RB DB3225L Tail Rotor G/B & F/W Unit Drain, RBGTMD12 M/R Pillow Block Bolt Socket, RBT18538 Seat Frame Supports, RBT18543-25 Crowsfoot INB. Hydraulic Filter, RB6796941-203 Slide Hammer Assembly, RB6796941-201 Starter Seal Puller, RB6796941-18 Starter Seal Installer, RB6796941-14 Starter Seal Guide, RB23007638 Fuel Nozzle Wrench, RB2300COMB Power Turbine Cleaning Kit, RBT18546 K-Flex Wrench, RB6798292-B Fuel Control wrench, RB23006782 Adapter Turbine Nut, RB23006783 Adapter Turbine Nut, RBT18524 Oil Sump Straighter, RBT18565 Engine Bell Mouth Ratchet, RBT18510-69 M/R Pillow Block Nut Wrench, RBT400202 M/R Trim Tab Bender, RBT400203 M/R Trim Tab Protractor, RBT18506 M/R Mast Nut Socket, RBT200078 Trunnion Spreader, RB DB3188L Transmission Drain Too, RB DB3225C Freewheeling Drain Tool, RBSC7028-P S/P Pitch Horn Bearing Cutter, RBST2812-P S/P Pitch Horn Bearing Staker, RBIR7028 Bearing Install & Remove, RBT18666 Main Rotor Restraint, RBT18510-61 Blade Bolt Latch Socket, RBT18540 Helicopter Lifting Eye, RBT18510-63 Main Rotor Sling Assembly, RBT18505 Tail Rotor Cross Head Puller, Pelican case with foam to fit tools *This kit contains 37 tools for routine maintenance on the air frame and engine. Contains part that is not calibrated. Additional fees apply for calibration. Contact Sales for calibration quote.
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