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keyboard_arrow_right Key Features
  • Durable, chemical resistant, carbon fiber composite matrix tank
  • Forward mounted (80% RD) booms (33ft/10m)
  • Dual, electrically driven spray pump and motor assemblies
  • 68 Nozzle Ports
keyboard_arrow_right Key Benefits
  • Will fit on most Medium Bells
  • Aerodynamic design results in low drag
  • Installation/removal in 30 minutes
  • Optional (100%RD) boom extensions (45ft/14m)
  • Atomizer and GPS/Flow Control compatible
  • Spares Kit available (204-106000-003)
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DART's Simplex Aerospace Model 204 Spray System for Bell 212. The system consists of a belly-mounted carbon fiberglass tank, which holds 1,408 liters (372 gallons) of liquid. Forward-mounted booms with a width of 10 meters (33 feet) or 14 meters (45 feet) with optional extensions.
Approval type Authority Reference number Aircraft approved Description
STC FAA - USA SR02276SE 212 Installation of 204 Spray System
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