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Montreal, Canada - DART Aerospace and its employees are supporting frontline health workers, first responders, and those hardest hit by COVID-19 with donations of face shields, food, and blood.

“Our teams are an inspiration, finding ways to help our communities fight this pandemic,” said DART President and CEO Alain Madore. “DART is supporting these efforts through donations and by helping employees schedule and take the time to donate. We realize when we all make these sacrifices to help support and protect our communities, we can shorten this crisis’ hold on our lives.”

DART employee teams in Hawkesbury, Ontario, and Vista, California, designed prototype face shields for medical professionals and first responders. Using equipment and materials in both facilities, DART is now producing these shields at the rate of 150 units a day with the goal to donate several thousand units to local hospitals and fire departments.

DART is also funding employee food purchases for donation to multiple local food banks in order to help families in need during these difficult times. 

In addition, employees have taken the initiative to run a company-supported blood drive in Montreal. DART is supporting these efforts to make and attend blood donation appointments to support local hospitals and clinics in need.

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