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Montreal, Canada – February 7th, 2022 – DART Aerospace has received FAA Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for its Emergency Float System with Integrated Liferafts for the five-bladed Airbus H145. This certification comes alongside its existing TCCA & EASA approvals.


Previously approved for the Airbus four-bladed H145 and EC145 models, the floats feature a tri-bag float design for increased stability in water up to sea state 6. The design includes two externally-mounted liferafts delivering a 45% weight reduction over other externally mounted liferaft options while saving cabin space.


“We are eternally grateful to Airbus, FAA, TCCA, and EASA for their support as we pursued this STC during a particularly challenging time so that DART could provide this critical system to the five-bladed H145 operators,” said David Shepherd, VP of Certification at DART Aerospace. “We also received great support from Airbus as we worked together to complete flight testing in Germany in the midst of a global pandemic.”


DART has emerged as a global leader in helicopter mission equipment and continues to offer the best quality products to a diverse range of OEMs and operators around the world.


Photo courtesy of Robert Lindner.

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