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Las Vegas, Nevada – Feb 28, 2018 – Last night, DART Aerospace hosted its annual cocktail on the show floor of Heli-Expo and had the pleasure of presenting an important announcement.


DART generously held a silent auction throughout the day yesterday, auctioning off an AS350/355 Field Maintenance Kit (FMK). All auction proceeds were to be donated to the Helicopter Foundation International (HFI). HFI is the charitable arm of HAI, offering scholarships and education to attract the next generation, all while staying committed to preserving the history of the helicopter industry and promoting robust safety programs. Allison McKay, Vice President of HFI was present at the cocktail for the announcement.


“We are happy to be giving back to the helicopter industry. Helping to raise money to support the new generation of pilots and mechanics, all while contributing to the industry’s history and its future, we are proud to be part of this community,” states Alain Madore, President and CEO of DART Aerospace. 


All day and even throughout the cocktail, bidders had the chance to place their best bids on a Field Maintenance Kit designed for the AS350/355, a very popular item on the market, known for its safe tool transportation and versatility for off-site aircraft maintenance. The AS350/AS355 Field Maintenance Tool Kit comes in a flyaway case and includes over 30 tools, which is every tool needed to perform field maintenance on an Astar aircraft.


As the cocktail came close to an end, DART’s team announced the official winning bid, secured by Hector Gonzalez Weeks from Aeroservicios Especializados S.A. de C.V. (ASESA).  Allison McKay received the final donation amount of $7,750.


 “We are so appreciative of DART to view the goals of the foundation as so important to the health of our industry.  The money raised through the AS350/AS355 Field Maintenance Kit will go directly to our scholarship program,” states Mrs. McKay.


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