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H135/EC135 - FWD Crosstube - Std Low

Aircraft Models : EC135/EC135P1/EC135P2/EC135P2+/EC135P3/EC135T1/EC135T2/EC135T2+/EC135T3

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keyboard_arrow_right Key Features
  • Tube and supports included - Saddles & clamps not included
  • Hardware to install cross tubes to aircraft included
  • Supports factory installed
  • Tube made of high strength aluminum alloy
  • Protected with high performance anti-corrosion primer
  • Out-of-the-box painted white
  • Crosstubes can be replaced as a set or on an individual basis
keyboard_arrow_right Key Benefits
  • Direct OEM Replacement
  • Compatible with DART & OEM Saddles
  • Compatible with DART & OEM Skidtubes
  • Compatible with OEM Steps
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to install
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We currently offer replacement Standard and Mid-Height Gear Crosstubes for Airbus H135/EC135 model helicopters. Our Crosstubes have been designed to be compatible with both DART Round-I-Beam™ and OEM Skidtubes and are easily installed using OEM-style saddles with clamps. Our Crosstubes are manufactured by means of an environmentally friendly turning process and utilize clamp-on supports which come factory pre-installed for ease of replacement. All our Crosstubes come out of the box painted white and ready to install on your helicopter. DART crosstubes are not life-limited; they are to be replaced on-condition. Sub-assembly of D135-1027-101 to offer replacement parts without saddles and clamps.
Approval type Authority Reference number Aircraft approved Description
STC DGCA - Mexico IA-633/2019 EC135/EC135P1/EC135P2/EC135P2+/EC135T1/EC135T2/EC135T2+ Installation of Crosstubes
STC FAA - USA SR04276NY EC135/EC135P1/EC135P2/EC135P2+/EC135P3/EC135T1/EC135T2/EC135T2+/EC135T3 Installation of Crosstubes
STC TCCA - Canada SH18-49 EC135/EC135P1/EC135P2/EC135P2+/EC135T1/EC135T2/EC135T2+ Installation of Crosstubes
STC EASA - Europe 10068097 EC135/EC135P1/EC135P2/EC135P2+/EC135T1/EC135T2/EC135T2+ Installation of Crosstubes
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