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Medium Bell Fire Attack System

Aircraft Models : 205A1/205B/212/412/412EP/UH-1H

Pre-requisite : Approved cargo mirror required for hover refill operations. Standard high landing gear (DART or OEM) or extended height gear (DART exclusive)

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keyboard_arrow_right Key Features
  • Hover refill in less than 60 seconds
  • Cargo hook access
  • Cockpit controlled selectable drop patterns
  • Optional dual controls & aft hook (for storing hover pump)
keyboard_arrow_right Key Benefits
  • Lightest Fire Attack System for the Medium Bell
  • Highest capacity for the Medium Bell
  • Installation/removal in 30 minutes
  • FAA certified for day/night VFR
  • Corrosion resistant surfaces and parts
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DART's Simplex Aerospace Model 304 Fire Attack System is a proven workhorse in the aerial firefighting industry. Compatible with Bell 205-A-1, 212, 412/EP, AB412, & UH1H models, the system consists of a belly mounted carbon fiberglass tank, which holds 1,420 liters (375 gallons) of water or 114 liters (30 gallons) of foam retardant.
Approval type Authority Reference number Aircraft approved Description
STC EASA - Europe RC1195
STC DGCA - Mexico IA-416/2017
STC ANAC - Argentina CTS 0707.16(A)
STC TCCA - Canada 10S-GA-05-78
STC JCAB - Japan STC-139-HQT
STC CAAC - China VSTC0677
STC ANAC - Brazil 2017S03-23
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